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Career Assessment

To measure behaviour, aptitude, and interests for shaping personal, academic and professional growth of a students.

Career Report

Become self aware with a detailed report to identify your Personality, Areas of Interest and Aptitude level.

Counselling Session

Get a session from a career guidance expert to solve your doubts on which stream to choose and get  guidance for the right career path.


Our Offerings

Starter (₹ 500)

  • Basic Career Assessment Test
  • Basic Career Assessment Report
  • Top Three recommendations for Stream and Career

Basic (₹ 1000)

  • Basic Career Assessment Test
  • Basic Career Assessment Report
  • Top Three recommendations for Stream and Career
  • Online Live Counselling Session (15 min) and Guidance from Career Expert  

Platinum (₹ 3000)

  • Advanced Career Assessment Test
  • Advanced Career Assessment Report
  • Top Five Recommendations for Stream and Career
  • Online live Counselling Session (1 hour) and Guidance from Career Expert

Ultimate  (₹ 5000)

  • Advanced Career Assessment Test
  • Advanced Career Assessment Report
  • Top Five Recommendations for Stream and Career
  • Face to Face Counselling Session along with Parents (1 hour) and Guidance from Career Expert for an year

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Career Counselling

Why do you need Career Counselling?

Identify your Personality and Aptitude

These tests help with understanding the cognitive abilities, knowledge as well as the personality traits of a student. This is a very useful tool in understanding the right fit for the students for selecting the right career option.

Gain confidence and insight

Get the insight of your personality, aptitude and interests to gain confidence on your strengths and weaknesses.

Career Assessment Report

Get a Comprehensive Report on your strengths and weaknesses with appropriate combinations of future prospects.

Be assured of the right path for making a Career Choice

Our Career Counsellor uses a combination of these assessments to arrive at a logical conclusion by mapping various career options with strengths and interests determined through these assessments. So be rest assured.

Unbiased Expert Advice

Our Counselling Expert provides unbiased career advice based on your report to pave way for your future.

Profile Building

Improve your chances to get the admission with appropriate combinations of subjects and career options.


Popular Services

Free Career Assessment Test

Basic Career Assessment Test & Report  with top three recommendations for Stream and Career

Basic Career Assessment Test

Basic Career Assessment Test & Report with top three recommendations for Stream and Career and online live individual Counselling Session (15 to 30 mins) and Guidance from Career Expert

Thy Mentor

Why Choose Thy Mentor?


Test & Analysis


Detailed Report


One to One Counselling


Discover 532+ Career

Online Live Career Counselling

Thy Mentor provides Career Counselling for selecting the right education stream and career path based on interests, aptitudes and competencies. Career counselling helps to understand various academic options available after classes 10th and 12th. For selecting the right academic options among various available choices understand the aptitude, skill and knowledge is important. Our expert counsellor provides the information about careers available based on the previous learning, skills and knowledge.

Our Story

helping every student find their path to success 

More than 12 lakh students appear for IIT JEE Main exams and there is around 10 k seats in IITs and hardly 2 lakh seats in decent engineering college in India from where one can get good placements. Similarly around 18 lakh students appear in NEET for medical seats where again there is 10 k seats in government colleges and around 3 lakh seats in decent private medical colleges across the country.

Similarly everyone choosing Commerce goes for CA / CS, where pass percentage is between 11% to 20% . Everyone opting for Humanities goes for UPSC or state PCS.

We are here to help students in finding out new and emerging career options in all the streams which is equally rewarding and interesting. We are here to help students choose their stream or career not due to peer pressure or family pressure but as per their interests and aptitude.

We first help them to find out which stream they should choose after class 10th in which they can excel by our career assessment test depending on their interests, aptitude, orientation, personality & emotional quotient.

In big towns, cities and metros still students have an access to good career counsellors and are aware of these career assessment tests. But for students in small towns and villages in tier 2 and 3 cities, they are not aware of career counselling or career assessment test. We need to take this to them and help every student get benefitted and not only a few privileged ones. There should be equal opportunity for all. We in THY MENTOR will ensure this by taking it to every student in country.



Our Customers

What Our Customers Say?

It was a great experience for my child and self reflection & introspection to help assess the interest , strengths and weak areas. It is a great tool to do assessment and I strongly recommend that every child should go for this test, in order to help him take the right career decision which complements his mental ability and personality.

Mostly children take certain career decisions basis their parents wishes or peer factor without realising what will
Work best for him/her, so that he/she enjoys whatever they study rather make choices which impact their mental and personal growth.

Get assessed to make right career choice

Manoj Kaul

One of the best places to know your career aptitude and orientation. The counselling session done was remarkable and different. It helped us a lot to identify the strength and weakness so as to work further on the personality.

Amit Sehgal


Thy Mentor Blogs

Identify the best fit Career through test

Taking a career test is probably the most comprehensive way to figure out the perfect stream and career path way for you. It is important you understand your career orientation to soar high in you respective field.


Empowering student to learn about various stream

Stream selection is the first major step towards a child’s future. It is the first occasion when a child gets the opportunity to make an important decision about his/her life. A stream not only includes the study of subjects for the next two years but a child’s entire future depends on this particular decision.

However, students usually make some mistakes while choosing a stream. Sometimes, they get confused and opt for any popular stream without knowing their interests and abilities.

Our expert will make sure that they don’t make the mistakes and decide correctly.

Pave way to various career option based on test analysis

Thy Mentor test helps you to find streams and careers that fit your aptitude. It simply gives insights into your interests by helping you organize your thoughts.

Aptitude testing determines your careers and strengths. A personality test uses questions designed by psychological research to determine your general personality.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Psychometric Test?

The word Psychometric developed in 1880 is a combination of two words: Psyche (mind) and Metric (related to measurement). Thus, a psychometric assessment refers to a range of psychological tests which are used to evaluate human thought and behaviour. Any psychometric assessment will always be created and used to measure behaviour, thoughts, skills, potential, traits, and many more characteristics of the person. It is important to note that while there are many benefits of psychometric tests, different psychometric test questions measure, analyse, and report different aspects of the human mind.

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process that helps an individual to understand and analyse strengths, interests, abilities and skills to choose the right career. The right career choice is often an intersection of a student’s interests and abilities, and industry trends. It provides you with the knowledge and skills that will help plan your subsequent career and life decisions.

What are the steps of career counselling?
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